Discover Flying Blue

Discover Flying Blue

Flying Blue is the AIR FRANCE KLM loyalty programme.

Are you wondering how Flying Blue works?

It's simple. You can earn Miles and use them to get what you want; you can gain XP (Experience Points) and advance to the next level for more generous perks; and you can always earn more Miles!

Earn Miles

Earn Miles when you fly but also, thanks to our partners, when you book a night at a hotel, rent a car or pay for your daily expenses with your credit card. Your Miles are valid for life, as long as you get on an eligible flight at least once every 2 years!


How many Miles will you earn?

With Air France or KLM, the number of Miles you earn depends on how much you spend (excluding government-imposed taxes and fees) as well as your Flying Blue level.

  • Explorers earn 4 Miles for each Euro spent.
  • Silver members earn 6 Miles for each Euro spent.
  • Gold members earn 7 Miles for each Euro spent.
  • Platinum members earn 8 Miles for each Euro spent.

Use your Miles

Miles are your new form of currency. Book a flight; enjoy an upgrade, a Seat Option; pay for a night at a hotel; rent a car… With Miles, make your dreams come true.


Miles & Cash

Don't give up on your trip because you're missing a few Miles. With Miles & Cash, you can use your Miles and your own funds for your next ticket.

Gain XP

Experience Points, or XP, open the door to the next Flying Blue level.

  • With 100 XP, you become Silver.
  • With 180 XP, you go from Silver to Gold.
  • With 300 XP, you go from Gold to Platinum.

You have 12 months to collect enough XP to advance to a higher level or maintain your current status. You can also gain XP with your Flying Blue credit card and Discount pass.


How many XP will you gain?

The number of XP you gain depends on your flight type and cabin.