Booking fees - Service fees

The below fees refer to any work performed by our team on the sale of your ticket or any assistance following its purchase. These fees will be added to those associated with your ticket conditions.

Booking fees

The price of your ticket includes :

  • the cost of travel, including carrier surcharges,
  • booking fees,
  • taxes and charges.

Booking fees apply per ticket and to all passengers except infants under 2 years of age. They are non-refundable except:

  • if the flight is canceled by the airline,
  • if the flight is more than 5 hours late and you decide not to travel.

Booking fees may vary according to the country of sale, the issuing and sales channel (telephone, agency, internet), the cabin, and the type of flight (short-haul, medium-haul, long-haul)*. For tickets purchased on the Air France website, the fees are: 

  • On short-haul flights: EUR 6 or EUR 1(1).
  • On medium-haul flights:

    - in the Economy cabin: EUR 6 or EUR 1(1).     - in the Business cabin: EUR 10  

  • On long-haul flights:

    - in the Economy cabin: EUR 6 or EUR 1(1).     - in the Premium Economy, Business, and La Première cabins: EUR 10. For tickets purchased by phone, the fees are: 40 EUR For tickets purchased at an Air France agency, the fees are:

  • On short-haul flights: EUR 30
  • On medium-haul flights: EUR 30
  • On long-haul flights: EUR 40

For tickets purchased with a “Group fare”, the fees are:

  • On short-haul flights: EUR 15
  • On medium-haul flights: EUR 15
  • On long-haul flights: EUR 25

Please note: travel agencies apply the booking fees of their choice to the sale of Air France tickets. These fees vary from agency to agency. (1) Booking fee of EUR 1 for Economy flights booked with promotional rates or for fare types X and G on short-haul flights, G on medium-haul flights (except flights within the Carribean), X and V on flight within the Carribean, X on long-haul flights (except on flights to North America, Japan, and Noumea), and V for flights to North America, Japan and Noumea.

Subscription fees for a Discount Pass

A EUR 20(2) booking fee applies to all purchases or renewals of a Discount Pass at an Air France point of sale.  Discover our Discount Passes. (2) The booking fee for Discount Passs can change at any time.